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Amantani Vista

Shamanic Journey to Peru
December 2012 - Donna D. from Texas said:

Steffan & Martina - Thank You Thank You Thank You. When your website beckoned me to join you on "a magical adventure that will change your life" you were telling the truth! I joined the group for the Spiritual Journey to the Andes tour with Mallku Aribalo in December 2012 and prior to that spent a week in Iquitos for the Ayahausca retreat that you also helped to arrange. Without a doubt these adventures rank extremely high on the "Most Transformative Events of My Life" list. Still processing all that I absorbed from the experiences. I knew no one prior to joining the group but in no time our truly international group bonded into a close-knit family on a shared spiritual journey. What a brave group of souls to venture off to a foreign land and leave family and friends to experience the December Solstice and the ending of a 25,920 year cycle as foretold by the Mayans. No fear whatsoever. We knew the world wasn't ending...just beginning a new cycle. Mallku's spiritual sensitivity, Andean knowledge & heritage, and connection with the history and power of Peru catapulted him into a completely different category of guides. Anyone can go on a sight-seeing tour of Peru...and you would still be amazed...but this experience was much more than that. Every detail was arranged. The food and hotels were awesome! With each ceremony in all the sacred spaces we visited and even in the "between" time, the connection with Mother Earth, the sky, the water, the heavens, the divine masculine and divine feminine, and the singular beauty of each one of us powerful creatures will endure for ages. Thanks again Spirit Flight Journeys. I'll be watching for other adventures you set up. I highly recommend your services for all those spiritually-minded folks who want to take sight-seeing to a whole other level!



Shamanic Journey to the Andes
March 2009 - Tracey from Illinois said:

Hi Steffan,

I just wanted to let you know that I was talking to some friends today (The Goddess Group) and at least three people are interested in the possibility of going to Peru this year. I checked your site and saw that you are going in September. Anyway, I have recommended that they contact you. As far as I'm concerned you're the best. . . So you may hear from some people from up here. I hope that at least some of them will be able to make the trip with you.

Take care,

machu picchu rainbow

Shamanic Journey to the Andes
March 2008 - Sasha from San Diego, California said:

"Steffan, thank you so much for bringing us together! We all bonded deeply on this trip and are considering traveling to Egypt together in 2010. Mallku's facilitation was exceptional. He expertly guided the energy of our group at all times and his tremendous knowledge of the sacred sights we visited, permanently imprinted Peru's magic into our hearts. He was a true joy to work with. This has been an amazing and life-changing experience and I'm considering going again with you next year. You are meant to do this work. I hope you continue on this path."

mallku demonstration

Shamanic Journey to the Andes
March 2008 - Jesse from British Columbia Said:

Dear Steffan,

First my most profound apologies for not writing this sooner. My busy involvement in Taoist Tai chi and work related items have kept me busy. All that, and I am still adjusting to the March Adventure.

I consider myself to be a recently awakened energy worker. It is accentuated through Taoist Tai Chi Internal arts and methods, My intuitive use of Tibetan singing bowls (I now own 46 and we perform at meditations and art festivals) and teachings from my mentor a part Cherokee, very ceremonial man. This is why I chose the trip in March. Mallku was my raison d'etre. The timing of the Equinox and full moon, and your organisational skills combined to make it a perfect step forward in my personal JOURNEY.

Mallku is truly an enlightened individual. A true spirit of the Earth, he is now my connection to Wiracocha and Pachamama. Along with his enchanting wife, the ceremonies were conducted with a sacredness in ways that I have only felt a few times in my life. Even the simplest of water ceremony at each ancient site we visited was a bonding experience for all participants.

The actual Huachuma was a viscous poor tasting liquid, best taken with a quick gulp to the bottom. The ensuing, well guided journey in all 3 ceremonies was Progressive, Inspirational, and Limitless.

The people I met on this trip were no less incredible. I suppose with the main premise of the journey being what it was, I should have expected such a high calibre of Monadic brothers and sister. The bonding was quick and precise and grew exponentially as we travelled to new heights of spiritual maturity.

Peru is an incredible country, with a proud history, beautiful landscapes, mountainscapes, people and energy. She speaks to me, I hope that others will come to hear her voice. Bring less cloth and yuppy energy.

malku photo

Shamanic Journey to the Andes
March 2008 - John E. from the UK wrote:

Dear Steffan,

The thing for me which has stayed and has grown, has been the lessons of the Incan power animals and of grandfather Huachuma (san pedro cactus). My shamanic path is now more steady and more honorable and it is in the mundane living of my life that I am able to implement the strengths and wisdom of the Incan teachings (sometimes well, and sometimes not-so-well ! ). I am in no doubt that I returned to Peru to re-learn this knowledge, and the shamanic skills which would stand me in good stead for the road ahead. Mallku was an inspiration and a joy to be with, and my comrades were no less so, Duncan included. When I think of you Sasha and Jessie, my heart rises with joyful memories of the laughter and tears that were shed and shared. Whether I ever return I do not know – part of me wishes very much to do so, but another part says that I have received what I had sought. Perhaps sometimes it is possible to have too much of good thing !?

I trust you are all well and prospering, and I hope Steffan that your future trips are well attended and will call those who need to share in the Incan and Andean spiritual riches.


Personal Ayahuasca Experience In Iquitos
December 2011 - Kiersten K. from California wrote:

Hello Steffan,

Thank you SOOOOO much for all of your help in making our trip to Peru truly amazing and unforgettable. I would be more than happy to write a review/testimonial in your favor! I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your tips and help in planning and finding our guide in Iquitos.

Our trip overall was incredible, but the one thing that really stayed lingering with us was the ayahuasca ceremony. Your guidance and the connection we experienced with our guide was so important, as we never would have been able to do this without him and/or you. It's hard to know from being so far away when planning adventures who is the best/most legitimate person or people to be in contact with regarding things like ayahuasca ceremonies. It was really important to me that the ceremony we partook in would be a very healing and serious one. I have found through some simple research that it can be common for westerners to engage in the ceremonies and in a way take advantage of or exploit such a magical and ancient practice. This was something that I was vehemently against and contrary wise I had wanted a true healing, introspective and life changing experience. What I had in mind was exactly what I got, and for that I really can't thank you enough. My boyfriend, Adam, really received the most benefit from the ayahuasca. Prior to the ceremony he struggled with some depression and anger issues that stemmed from a less than perfect childhood. After the ceremony he described his visions. He told me that he saw himself floating in pink clouds, and felt a motherly presence near him that took the form of a bright, calming light. He recalled feeling as though he "believed" in it, at which point he rose up and the light went into him and he gasped as it filled him. I remember this moment, though I was having my own visions and questions answered, he was right beside me, and his gasp was no only visionary. Our shaman performed a healing smoke vapor bath that suddenly made Adam very ill, it was as if Don Jose had forced this evil from Adam's body. Adam said he saw this evil personified in his visions and it was trying to cling to his soul, shrieking and squealing as the shaman removed it from its host. The next morning we inspected the bucket and found a black tar type of substance, undoubtedly bad, that had come from within Adam.
During the ceremony, Shaman Don Jose sang the most beautiful icaros, and they seemed to lead us through the whole ceremony, setting the mood and warding off evil thoughts and spirits. Colorful mosaic-like patterns in the form of snakes, foxes and masks spiraled through my mind, glowing like natural neon before my eyes, pointing to answers to the questions I was asking. The next morning, Adam and I awoke feeling unbelievably refreshed and invigorated. The feeling is still lingering with us and we concluded that it was the icing on the cake of the trip so to speak.

Hope this will do!!! Thank you again so much!!!!